How cycling can help you live a healthy lifestyle

Staying healthy is top priority for many of us. We are aware of it or not, being healthy helps us do our daily tasks, go to work, go out with friends, have fun. Unlike being inside all day, playing boardgames, pc games, xbox or even VR poker, or just sitting in front of your laptop and letting sedentarism settle in your body, cycling brings a different dimension of what life can be.

There is nothing in the world more precious than our health and we shouldn’t take it for granted. It is important to have a healthy lifestyle and work every day to keep ourselves in good health.
One of the many ways we can do that is to start using our bicycle more often. There are tremendous benefits for cycling that impact our mental and physical health. Cycling is a light exercise anyone can do every day and can help protect from serious diseases like heart attacks, obesity, arthritis, diabetes depression, stroke.
Health impact of regular cycling:
Riding the bike regularly or every day as a means of transportation or as a way to spend more time outside, has been proved by many studies to have a great impact on general health.

For example:
Decreases stress
Strengthens bones and muscles
Increases cardiovascular health
Increases flexibility of the body
Helps lose fat
Reduces anxiety and depression
Strengthens the immune system
Improves joint mobility
Other benefits of cycling and how it actually helps living a healthier lifestyle

Cycling is very effective transportation in the most crowded cities. Therefore, you have a good chance to get where you need to be in time, especially at rush hour. It can also be a nice way to explore your city and learn more about the places near you.

Studies show that brain cells regenerate when you exercise. This way, cycling is very beneficial for everyone, young or old, and helps keep your brain younger.

Not only humans benefit from riding a bicycle. A bike produces zero pollution and this is very important for our current days when we face climate change. Pollution has a heavy impact on human health and car drivers are more exposed to damaging ultra fine particles from engine exhaust than bicycle riders. That means that cyclists breathe in fewer fumes. Cycling also helps with protecting the environment and the animals from the damaging effects of pollution.

farblog5You will get your daily dose of exercise from riding the bicycle and that is just enough to upgrade your fitness without training too hard. Cycling little by little every day is a great way to lose fat and improve body shape.

Riding a bike can be a social skills boosting activity by encouraging going out with friends and family and enjoying quality time outside. Humans are social beings and social interaction is important for our health. Cycling can be an efficient way to stop isolating yourself and get in contact with people. Maybe you can even make some new friends with similar hobbies.

Just remember that cycling is super easy to fit in your daily schedule by riding to work, stores, school parks or even other cities, and has great benefits you wouldn’t want your body to miss.