Best Cycling Video Games

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Cycling is a very fun activity and for some people, a way of life. Cyclists love to travel and see the world around them, often faster than other people, but still not fast enough to miss out on all the scenery (unless going downhill, that’s a different story).

Cyclists also love watching professional cycling races, whether Grand Tours or some more adventurous mountain bike races, it comes down to the love for cycling. Some cyclists are even avid punters, often betting on their favorite teams or racers. Those people often make use of bonus and promotional codes, which you can learn more about by looking at this promo for William Hill, in order to maximize their bankroll.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are cycling video games. Many people will shy away from those, as not everyone wants to play cycling video games while being able to cycle. Well, when the winter season hits, even cyclists with a strong workout regime need something to entertain themselves with. Here are the best cycling video games.

Pro Cycling Manager 2018

Developed by Cyanide Studio, this is the latest title in the Pro Cycling Manager series. It is a managing game, and just like any other managing game, you cannot take direct control of the players themselves, or in this case, cyclists, but you can take control of everything else that happens of the racing tracks, in this case, workouts, sponsors, deals, psychology, buying and selling riders, anything and everything.

The game has decent graphics, but that is not its focus, rather the entire experience of owning and managing a cycling team. The game has favorable reviews among users and critics alike.


This game is all about speed, tricks and freedom. You can choose one of three teams, each of which is dedicated to either speed, tricks or freedom of movement. The terrains you can race change with each map, being generated, meaning more playthroughs once you get deep into the career.

The mechanics are on point, meaning that you have to shift your centre of gravity depending on whether you need to take a turn or make a jump. The game is really fun and fast paced, just like going downhill on various terrains, from snowy hills to woods where each bump could mean your demise.

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX

This is an old game, released in the year 2000. It is still a very good game, which people often turn to if they feel nostalgic and want something which reminds them of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater games, specifically the third one, but with BMXs. The game follows the same path, allowing you two minute runs in which you need to complete a set of challenges. Then comes the competition part, where all your tricks, failed and successful, are measured against other, most often computer characters, it is also timed, just like the regular challenge/career mode.

These are some of the best cycling video games which you can play, on multiple platforms, even.


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