Vuelta a Espana 2019: What to Expect from the Final Week

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Grand Tour racing is still one of the main sports topics at the moment. As a matter of fact, the 2019 season is about to end soon and all it is left are some speculations and predictions. What will be the outcome of the Vuelta a España during this Grand Tour? Nobody knows for certain, but we can give our sincere opinion based on the current situation.

Will there be enough tension build-up and action in the remaining few days in Spain? Even if the current situation is in favour of Jumbo-Visma, the final week can still be thrilling. On the other hand, we all know how things could take a sudden turn in sports, and nothing is certain until the last moment. 

Make sure to follow all the other interesting predictions as the final week of the Vuelta a España happens. If you are eager to hear what are this week’s top predictions, stay tuned and learn more here!

Jumbo-Visma Will be Victorious

To give you a hint, most of the odds are in favour of Jumbo-Visma after his triumph in Madrid. It would not be a mistake if we said that he will stay in control of the rest of the Vuelta a España. With his lead, Primoz Roglic has guaranteed his triumph for this year’s riding season in Spain. Also, he was the absolute favourite throughout the race, as he showed consistency and determination after a bumpy start. 

It is Fifty-Fifty Whether Movistar Can Control Leadership

This is one of the situations that still remains uncertain to many Vuelta a España fans. A lot has happened in the penultimate week of the race and it might change the outcome. Moviestar was in complete control up until the disappointing Nairo Quintana fail at stage 16. What’s more, one of the favourites and the Moviestar’s leader in the race, Alejandro Valverde, might provide great success to the team. 

However, there have been some recent changes in the past week and both Valverde and Quintana are almost in the same position. So, we will see who shall remain victorious.  

Young Tadej Pogacar Will Be the Talk of the Day

There is no mistake in saying that the name Tadej Pogacar came to fame in this year’s Vuelta a España. His amazing performance in the final race last week brought, if nothing else, the fame. This incredible 20 years old managed to win three stages in the race. 

His first season after his breakthrough as a rider was spectacularly good, and not many can achieve that at the beginning of their career. Tadej Pogacar’s success lies in great tactics. During the first stages of the race, his riding was rather steady and cautious, throughout all 9 stages. It is no surprise that it ended with a winning ride. Hopefully, this rider could remain in the spotlight during some future races. 

It might not be that thrilling to guess what might happen as the situation is pretty clear at this stage. Nevertheless, one can never know when to expect a surprise, so keep watching.


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