Why Does Riding a Bike Make us Feel so Good?

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Sports and hobbies based on physical activities are known to be beneficial for our health. We tend to spend time and effort to remain healthy, but for some, sports are not just about staying healthy and being somewhat functional.

People love physical activities because they feel good while doing them and after they have finished doing them. Sometimes, people feel great even prior to starting a physical activity.

Cycling is a great hobby and alternative to many other physical activities and all it requires is a bicycle and some good will. Yet one must wonder why cycling feels so good? Here are some details about cycling and physical activities in general.

Dopamine Helps us Feel Good

Dopamine is released when we perform physical activities, particularly ones which require us to go the distance, which cycling certainly does at times. Dopamine is also released when we get likes on social media, but cycling is much more fulfilling and it creates a lasting impression.

Just going to another location by using the power of your two legs and the power of will can be an amazing experience. If you have elevation gain along the way, things get much more interesting and more rewarding. Your body seems to think so, which is why dopamine is released.

Cycling is Freedom in a Sense

When you get on your bicycle, you can go wherever you want, at least if you have the food, the energy, and the rest. Having the freedom to explore the world with the power of your two legs is quite the realization. It is also humbling because the faster you go, the more tired you get. Quickly do you realize that going the distance requires much more than just endurance.

Exploration is a large part of cycling, which is why people who start cycling quickly realize that they have yet to see the world for what it is, that there is amazing beauty even near their towns. Try it out, go and explore your surroundings.

Exercise Feels Good

Any exercise feels good, especially if we do it on a regular basis. Cycling has the added benefits of allowing us to do it in a non-linear way, albeit you are pedaling all of the time. Exploring and going to different places is a large part of why cycling is so liberating.

One could do their exercises at a different place every single time. You might get bored of trying to think of new locations, but it is still great to know that you can change your exercise route every time, if not the routine itself.

Cycling provides us with a way to exercise and explore the world. Both of those activities at the same time can be really beneficial for our health, physical and mental. It only takes having a bicycle and one can have all the benefits of cycling, exercising in general, as well as the freedom to explore.


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