How VR Changed Cycling

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In a nutshell, exercising has become far less boring. We no longer have to go to the gym, play music to get pumped up, go for a jog, and come back home, which, while incredibly healthy, does take a huge chunk of the day. Now, we can cycle at home while doing other things as well like watching a TV show, or playing a game. It’s not just exercising that has evolved with this technology. How does virtual reality mix into this and what are its applications?


With the help of VR, every workout becomes a video game to enjoy. Simply strap on your VR set, sit on your bike, and enjoy the amazing landscapes, both realistic and fantastic. The idea from VirZoom gives the users a chance to cycle when the weather is not inclined to help them stay fit. The bikes are equipped with controllers, heart rate monitors and a few other things that take the boredom out of exercising.

Ask yourself this: Why is it that cycling in nature or city, while marvelling the view or talking with your friends, is much less bothersome than the stationary bike at home. First of all, you are moving. Truly, your brain is okay with this as there is progress to your efforts. With a stationary bicycle, all you get is some numbers that tell you the distance you would have travelled had you not been stuck in a room.

The VR lets you feel like you are travelling, which takes the work out of exercising and makes the people more eager to be physically active. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a crossover between exercising and games. Wii Sports, Just Dance, and Beat Saber are just some of the games that demand that you get up from your couch and practice a range of motions and burn calories while having fun.


What are the cycling conditions in your city? Does the infrastructure support the average cyclist? CycleSPEX is a company that uses VR not to keep you fit, but to give you some idea what needs to be improved in your city regarding rider safety. Not only are you riding in your city, but you are also providing the company with the necessary data to present to the cities around the world in order to improve the conditions cyclists face on the road.


Some of us are not fortunate enough to see the sites or ride in certain cities, even though we would give an arm and a leg for the opportunity. Granted, it would be irksome to ride with just an arm and a leg, but hear us out. CycleVR combines travelling on a bike with staying in the comfort of your home. The app was in development on Kickstarter and it allows the users to see the locations around the world, play games, or cycle with friends who are also at home. It really steps up the game.


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