What is Going on in the World of Cycling in 2019?

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The world of cycling is a very dynamic place, quite literally. People are moving at high speeds, whether on road bikes or mountain bikes. The world of cycling gets interesting once the Grand Tours start, which is going to happen in May, July and August of 2019, each month for one of the tours. The Grand Tours in the world of sports betting in cycling are what the NBA or March Madness are to basketball betting. The Final Four betting odds were particularly interesting, just like those of Giro d’ Italia, which is currently in motion, 7 stages already over.

What else is interesting in the world of cycling in 2019?

Giro d’ Italia

This is one of the Grand Tours, the most prestigious races in professional cycling. The Giro is currently underway, with 7 stages already over. The stages was Roglic leading in the first 5, with Conti taking the lead in the latter 2. Roglic actually had a very unfortunate crash and is not, per interviews, sorry that he lost the lead. Also per his interview, he crashed and fell on his backside and that was that. But, crashing does end up with you losing the lead, especially in Grand Tours where the racers are top level. Wearing the leader’s jersey wastes a lot of energy, according to Roglic, and taking it back would mean a lot more energy. Per his words, the race is long and there are other stages, which are much more important than having the lead. People can expect 14 more days of racing, with 21 stages in total. Most of them are looking at the last stage in Verona, as the most important one, so the story will unfold in two weeks.

Tour de France

The next major tournament to look forwards to is the Tour de France which will take place in July of 2019. It will be a 21 stage tournament, just like the Giro, starting from Brussels and ending in Paris. There will be two rest days, so the racers will have some time to catch their breath and plan ahead. The favorites looking to win the Tour de France are Nairo Quintana, Daniel Martinez and Rigoberto Uran. Other, more obvious favorites are not that obvious anymore, like Thomas, Sagan and Cavendish. Other contenders are currently engaged in the Giro, which, like all Grand Tours, can leave racers exhausted.

The 2019 Vuelta

The 2019 Vuelta is going to happen in August, which will be a very hot time in Spain. It is a 20 stage race which starts on the Costa Blanca and ends in Madrid. It is very difficult to tell who will be the favorite for the 2019 Vuelta, because once the Giro ends, the Tour de France will definitely exhaust a lot of racers. Teams looking to add more wins to their trophy cases will likely have to run their racers into the ground to try and win all three in the same year. Only after the Giro ends, and we get more information about the Tour de France, then Vuelta predictions might be more realistic.

The world of cycling is looking to be as interesting in 2019 as it always is. The Grand Tours will make the year, and with one underway and two very close by, it is already entertaining.


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