How to Motivate Yourself to Ride Your Bike

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Motivation makes a big difference in your daily activities. It’s the leap between waking up before dawn to pound the pavement and lazing around the house all day. It’s also an essential factor in attaining goals.

If your goal is to ride your bike more often, we present you with some ways to motivate yourself to do just that.

Although there are days when getting on your bike is the last thing you want to do, when you get back home you feel great about it.

First of all, set a goal. Whether it’s just the desire to stay healthy and in a good physical condition or the ambition to participate in a race or another cycling event, reminding yourself of that goal regularly will motivate you to get out of the house and ride your bike. Nothing gets you on your bike like knowing you have an upcoming race or cyclo-cross.

Another tip to boost your motivation would be to ride with friends, as committing to such an arrangement will surely help you reconnect with your bike. Alternatively, you can start going on organized group rides or join a local bike club, where you are likely to find like-minded people to make firm plans with.

Find a rewarding destination and create a route leading to that place. You can choose a nice park or you can look for a hill climb near you and ride up it regularly.

Furthermore, you can add a stop or two to your bike ride in order to take care of some errands. This is especially useful for those who have a front basket attached to their bikes. You can make a stop to the market or to pay some bills and you will feel you accomplished something by getting out of the house.

For some, riding their bike for charity would motivate them more than anything. Choose a cause and start researching if there is a ride organized for it. Sing up for it and get pedaling to raise money. Riding for a worthy cause does much more than help raise money, it reminds you that it’s a privilege to have a healthy body and that you are able to ride to contribute to the well-being of others.

Lastly, if none of the tips above works, you could get a biking coach to set up a training plan for you. This way, you will have a schedule adapted to your time availability, your ability and personal goals, which will also keep you focused and give you more reason to get reacquainted with your two-wheeler.


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